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 BANI Academic Personnel


The Principal is the chief administrative and academic officer of the institution.  She is responsible for the organization of and conduct of instruction, research and community service activities of the institution in accordance with the institution’s vision, mission and objectives.  She is appointed by the BANI Board members on the recommendation of the BANI AD. COM. She reports directly to the BASC President of the College.


The Finance Manager taking care of the student’s financial portion on their admission till graduation. He/ She also taking care of cafeteria and other work program of the BANI.


The Registrar is in charge of student’s registration, with principal, she will help you to see that you are properly lined up for graduation. The registrar will be glad to give students any helpful information about course program, and will appreciate student’s co-operation with past and present records.


The Level Chair is appointed by the BANI Academic Com. on the recommendation of each level carry up to last year.  He/ She is responsible to the Principal and for the Level Coordinator, Classroom Faculty and Clinical Instructors and the over-all operation of the their level. He/ She is a constant guide and counselor through their academic life.


The Clinical is responsible to the Level Chairman and for the Clinical Instructors and nursing students under him/her.  He/she discharges the duties and responsibilities of the Level Chairman in the latter’s incapacity or absence. He/she assists the Level Chair in overseeing that the departmental objectives are met, that both faculty, clinical instructors and students implement policies. He/she coordinates within the level to ensure the realization of the level wise objectives. Documentations of reports, records and use of logbooks in all matters of student and clinical instructor patients’ duty assignment in different floors, units and affiliation centers, schedules, and attendance, infractions, incident reports and the overall related learning experiences within the health institutions and extensions or affiliations are effectively and efficiently done.


The Clinical Instructor is responsible to the Level Chairman and to the nursing student’s clinical duties in the hospital, affiliation centers and community assigned.  He/she is responsible for nursing students’ punctual attendance and participation for spiritual and professional growths in meeting the vision, mission and philosophy of the college and the hospital.  Responsible for the nursing students’ clinical, affiliating instructions and directions with high level of quality and mastery, utilizing scientific rationale in related learning experiences (RLE). He/she cooperates with the Nursing Service and other disciplines in the implementations of operating manual procedures of care, rules and regulations, information, education and communication of student nursing care.


The Classroom teacher is primary personnel in the classroom.  He/ She uses various methods and learning outcomes.  He/she focuses his/her efforts towards physical, mental, social and spiritual development of students under his/her cares.  He/ She reports to the level chair and cooperates in the administration of college government and discipline.


The Dean of Women acts as a responsible mother to the large group of young women staying in the dormitory of girls. It is her responsibility to make girls dormitory life as pleasant and as profitable as she can and she welcomes young nursing students whole heartedly and co-operative to this end. Share with her the problems that girls would take to their mother as if she were here.


The Dean of Men acts as a responsible father to the young men of our nursing school. He can counsel that young man may need from time to time, and can guide along the path of noble Christian living even during their difficult times. He welcomes the young nursing learners to the dormitory as a personal friend. Students may feel free to get counsel from him at any time. He is a constant guide through their dormitory life.


Section A: For all Students

 Bangladesh Adventist Nursing Institute has the following policies, rules, and regulations:

  1. Students must obey the rules and regulations of BANI and the Bangladesh Nursing Council (BNC).
  2. Students may use the library facilities during designated hours and must abide rules of library.
  3. Students may use the auditorium for cultural and social programs and for observing national days with permission from the management.
  4. Students are expected to attend classes in their uniforms & BANI ID cards.
  5. Cell phone are prohibited during classroom and other school activities.
  6. BANI is not responsible for lost valuables of students.
  7. No students are allowed to get married during the course.
  8. Students are not allowed to participate in any political activities or join in any other student unions.
  9. Courteous behavior with professors, other superiors, employees, fellow students, patients and their families are expected of students at all times.
  10. Students are advised to keep the campus environment clean and healthy.
  11. During training periods at a hospital, students may be required to train in the evening or at night.
  12. Students should respect the individual property of others. Stealing will not be permitted.
  13. Smoking & drinking are not allowed.
  14. Students should not normally use ornaments, hair-color, inappropriate dress-up and other unexpected styles (for women), and a proper haircut and no hair color, inappropriate dress up and other unexpected hair styles (for men)

Section B: For Hostel Students Only:

  1. Hostel students are required to live in their assigned room.
  2. Students may leave the campus with the permission of the hostel dean.
  3. Students are not allowed to attend any family program on school days (Wedding ceremony, birthday party, death anniversary, etc.) during the course. Special permission may be given on a case by case basis, but all school assignments must be completed as required.
  4. In case of illness, students should inform the hostel dean immediately for prompt treatment.
  5. Only hostel residents are allowed to enter the hostel without special permission.
  6. Students are expected to keep their room clean and tidy at all times.
  7. Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are served in designated dining room at specified times.
  8. Students must be present at roll call at 10:00 p.m. every night.
  9. No heaters, televisions or refrigerators, are allowed in students’ rooms.
  • The hostel will be closed during the vacation period and food will not be provided in the cafeteria.

BANI students agree with these policies and rules and signing this document willingly knowing that failure to adhere to these policies may result in disciplinary action or dismissal from BANI.