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Strategic Goals

Based on its philosophy and mission, BANI aims to equip students, who by the time they graduate shall have:

Personal Relationship with God

  • Developed a growing understanding and faith in God.
  • Lived in prayer and spiritual experience.
  • Recognized the Bible as the holy word of God and the Ten Commandments as the rule of faith and Christian conduct.

Rights and Duties of Citizenship

  • Manifested love and loyalty for country and respect for recognized authority.
  • Learned to adhere to established laws when they are not in conflict with the law of God.
  • Learned to exercise their individual rights and performed their duties and responsibilities in the society and the church.

Love of Humanity

  • Developed readiness and willingness to render service to their fellowmen, through their technical skills, knowledge and expertise.
  • Exhibited the ability to share responsibilities and resources to other people. Recognized the virtue of respecting human rights.

Development of Moral Character and Personal Discipline

  • Developed appreciation of Christian ideals, refinement of character and social graces.
  • Developed sense of responsibility and initiative.
  • Learned to uphold Christian principles and standards.

Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Developed the ability to think critically, creatively and act appropriately.
  • Exhibited mental, social, physical and spiritual potentials to achieve knowledge and improvement of one’s self for more quality life.
  • Acquired knowledge, skills and expertise, enhanced by advanced technology, in preparation for a career. Exhibited qualities of leadership by leading out in religious and social activities.

  Ethical and Moral Values

  • Had a firm concept of what is right and wrong.
  • Developed the ability to make independent and wise decisions. Developed strong Christian principles in life.

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Developed a healthy lifestyle characterized by faith, excellence, virtue and service. Developed Christian standard in recreation, personal grooming, diet and attire.