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Academic Facilities

We have world class air-conditioned classroom which are comfortable, well-designed classroom which motives students for learning. Our classrooms are intended to provide a good learning environment, encouraging collaborative work and incorporating the use of multimedia.

Instructor/student are having great interaction facilitated by good eye contact, type of seating, large aisles, and good acoustics.

Each Classroom is equipped with audio-visual communication aid namely:

  • Effective Interactive Board
  • Electronic Podium
  • Projector

Technology is available where students and teachers can use include installed presentation technology, analog and digital storage devices, computer network connections, and touch screen systems controller. All new classrooms are designed to include installed presentation technology. To facilitate the best output of excellent teaching facility and to facilitate delightful academic visual interaction to our students.

A Rare Learning Experience!


Bangladesh Adventist Nursing Institute not only educates students but also develops them physically, mentally, socially & spiritually in order to develop good leaders for the next generation. For example, we provide:

  • An Entirely non-political, peaceful, secure educational residential environment.
  • High-quality multimedia and air-conditioned classrooms.
  • Well-equipped skill laboratory facilities.
  • An enriched and resourceful library with updated books, magazine, medical journals and other materials.
  • Student receives scholarships based on merit.
  • An excellent English proficiency environment.
  • Community engagement during student life, including health fairs in the community and on the school premises.
  • Supervised round-the-clock clinical practice.
  • Special holistic care, which includes physical, mental, social and spiritual health.
  • Close supervision of the academic area with CCTV camera monitoring.
  • 24-hour backup generator and WiFi services.
  • Opportunities for participation in various national and international conferences and seminars.