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Student Leadership & Development Program

Student Leadership & Development (SLD) understands that building leadership skills is a process that is cultivated by a passion for affecting positive social change. We recognize the importance of the student’s participation in the development of his or her own leadership skills. As such, we present students with a variety of programs, organizations and opportunities that inspire them to get involved and grow into the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Each year the eligible nominate student candidates asking vote from all students. In particular area the students selected a leader by voting. The leader should be a good student and popular in the nursing school. She/ he should have good leadership capability and should have friendly communication skills.

Process of SWO Meeting:

  1. Principal should be the chairperson of the student’s welfare committee.
  2. Student Welfare Committee will meet at least once a month and also need based.
  3. Welfare Committee will take decisions about student welfare and make recommendations for taking further steps.
  4. Senior Advisor from BANI/ other visiting guest can provide their opinion.
  5. Monthly report should be submitted to the responsible Coordinator of SWC. Report should be transparent and with detail.

 Responsibilities of Student Leaders:

  • Ensure and Lead all students every day to gather in front of Academic Site premises, sing national anthem and recite Nursing pledge.
  • Monitor all students’ attendance during class & clinical practice. She will follow up those who miss the classes, find the reason & inform the Instructor.
  • Arrange monthly meeting with all students regarding their requirements or achievements or any change they want
  • Encourage and lead the students to organize a recreational or different cultural activities or day out monthly or at the end of the semester through their own contribution.
  • Ensure proper use & utilization of library & skill lab & give report to responsible teacher if any mishandling or replacement occurred.
  • They will have a friendly communication with all the students.
  • They will help poor performers.
  • They will be the persons, to whom all others will report abuse, harassment, insult, bully frankly and without fear.
  • Able to represent ideas & give recommendation for their own development.

Voting System:

All students will participate in the voting system. Those are eligible for the nomination they will take nomination paper and ask vote from students.  The vote will be counted with confidential.